About CORPES13


CORPES13 is held to advance our understanding of strongly correlated materials, using angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy as a unique tool to access electronic structures and many-body theory to work out the underlying concepts and mechanisms. The programme will be a balanced fusion of currently well-established and newly emerging topics, with ample time for discussions.

Previous workshops

CORPES13 follows the scope and motivation of the previous workshops CORPES05 and CORPES07 held in Dresden, CORPES09 in Zurich and CORPES11 in Berkeley.

Host and venue

Host of CORPES13 will be European XFEL in Hamburg. The workshop will take place on the premises of DESY.

Poster download

The poster of the CORPES13 can be downloaded here.

Looking into matter

International Programme Committee

  • M. Potthoff (Chair)
  • P. Aebi
  • V. Brouet
  • D. Dessau
  • K. Matho
  • S. Molodtsov
  • L. Patthey
  • K. Shimada
  • T. Tohyama


  • S. Molodtsov (Chair)
  • S. Bertini
  • J. Buck
  • A. Cavalleri
  • W. Drube
  • M. Izquierdo
  • I. Gembalies
  • A. Lichtenstein
  • A. Scherz
  • W. Wurth