Programme and abstract booklet

Programme and abstract booklet for download

Updates (after booklet had gone to press)

  • The poster "High-resolution angle-resolved photoemission study of electronic structure and charge-density wave formation in HoTe3" by G. Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences) has been withdrawn.
  • The poster "Formation of the coherent heavy fermion liquid at the 'hidden order' transition in URu2S2" by J. Geck (IFW Dresden) has been withdrawn.
  • The poster "Electronic structure and photo emission of topological insulator: effects of correlations, doping and alloying" by J. Minar (LMU Munich) has been withdrawn.
  • The poster "Why Does Adding Transition Metal to Pt Increase the Surface Reactivity" by Y.S. Kim (Seoul National University) has been withdrawn
  • The poster "Investigation of the dimensional crossover of the electronic   band structure in LaNiO3 ultrathin film using in situ ARPES" By Y. Hyang Keun (Seoul National University) has been withdrawn.